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Dave & Kathy Stewart



(Or Mumsy and Dad, as we tend to call them).

     Dave and I (Kathy) met in the 1980s and started our dairy farm in Ballston Spa NY. We reinvigorated the old family farm after it lay dorment for several decades. We began with just a dozen or so cows and worked our way up to 54, which was all the barn would hold. I was the cow milker and calf feeder. Dave was the crops and feeding man. Along the way Anna and Daniel arrived,

     In 1991 Ballston Spa was becoming a bedroom community of Albany and Saratoga. The population exploded. Cows and population do not get along well. We decided to sell the old home place and move west. We landed in Howard NY where the cow population out numbed the human population. The new farm had previously been a beef operation so a new freestall dairy barn and milking parlor were built. Two more kiddos entered the picture, Lizzy and Ian. Now our little family farm was complete. I homeschooled all the kids. This allowed them to pursue what they enjoyed. It also allowed Dave and I to learn,work,play along with them. This was the greatest blessing ever!

   Today the kids are grown and doing their own things. Dave and I continue on with the dairy. We now have a robot that milks our 120 cows. That allows me to work in the creamery and store. Developing new ice cream flavors is my latest passion.  

    In addition to dairying Dave and I like to travel when time and money permit. Scotland and Colorado have a special place in our hearts. We also enjoy reading books. I love my little Shetland sheep too. They make me smile. 

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