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Frequently Asked Questions


We want to make sure you get the best information possible on who we are and what we are doing. If you have a question and it isn't answered here, please use our contact page to make sure you get an answer.


Where does your produce come from?


We grow everything right here on our farm with one big vegetable patch and a few other specialized plots for corn and fruits that take up more space.


What do I get in a share?


For one share you are provided with enough vegetable produce to sustain you until you receive your next share, as well as some extra for canning or preserving. The list of produce is extensive and will include peas, beans, corn, lettuce, kale, swiss chard, tomatoes, summer squash, cucumbers, peppers, carrots, radishes, beets, garlic, onions and more. You will also receive fruits and berries as they yeild and come into season like blackberries, rasberries, elderberries, and apples. We will also provide you with chances to take home flower arrangments and similar decorations. For all the produce we will make sure you have information and material to know how to use it in cooking and/or preserving.


When will I get my shares?


We will begin growing early season produce to make our first deliveries sometime around the beginning of May, given adequate temperatures and sun. We will then have shares all the way through the end of October. Obviously there will be different vegetables growing at different points in the summer, so you can expect things to change throughout the growing season from early crops to later Fall crops.


Where will I pick up my produce?


This upcoming season we will have several different pick-up points to choose from: (see our home page for market times)

Howard - You can come visit our huge garden and pick up your share on location

Bath - Wednesdays at the Pultney Square market

Corning - If you live closer to Corning, you can pick up your share at the Thursday Farmer's Market

Rochester - For our members who live a little closer to Lake Ontario, there will be a pick-up point at the UMC of North Chili Farmer's Market each Saturday. We can also make special provisions for a Tuesday or Wednesday pickup or delivery if need be.


What does it look like to pick up my share?


Once a week you will go to your pickup location and receive your share for that week. If you are picking up at a market we will have it ready for you. We provide members with one reusable bag to carry produce, but you will likely need to bring a few of you own. We also provide reusable boxes for greens each week. Bring them back at pickup, and get more already filled. If you want to do farm location pickups then we can either have everything ready for you as at markets or if you want the experience of harvesting your things yourself you can let us know and we can help you do that. This is something new for the 2016 season, and we hope that members will really take advantage of it. We think that picking veggies is fun!

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