Goat's Milk Ice Cream


Our ice cream is worth screaming about! Not only is our ice cream made with goat's milk, allowing those with mild cow's milk intolerances to imbibe, we also make all our ice cream from scratch right here in our creamery. Not satisfied with typical vanilla or chocolate, we decided to do some experimenting, which resulted in a variety of unique gourmet flavors. With ingredients sourced locally, our flavors change with the seasons. While our maple ice cream, made from maple trees right here on the farm, is a fan favorite, we like to switch things up from week to week!  From fresh rhubarb orange in the spring, to strawberry and cool garden mint in the heat of summer, to our fall pumpkin spice and Christmas-time gingerbread, our ice cream is never boring. We know trying new things can be a bit intimidating, so we try to keep classic flavors on tap along side our seasonal flavors. Stop by for something familiar or try something new!