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Maple Products

2017 Maple Product Offerings

Welcome to the Maple Syrup page! After a long winter season of boiling, we have a fabulous stock of healthful, sugary goodness for you to enjoy!  We have some new packaging for you to investigate this year...


If you are interested in buying bulk to save some money on maple syrup, or to buy for resale, give us a holler. You can make an order now for the 2018 season to make sure we have enough for you. If you are looking to become more local in your food consumption, this is a great option for a locally sourced sugar alternative. Syrup isn't just good on pancakes: it can be used any way white sugar is. Five to ten gallons is the range that most families will use for this application. PLEASE CONTACT US SOON FOR THIS OPTION! Our bulk syrup supplies will go fast.


Syrup also makes great wedding favors! If you are planning a wedding or shower in the coming year and would like to order favor-sized bottles please get in touch with us now so we can order specialty bottles for your event to personalize and fill.




For 2018 bulk orders follow this link to contact us!

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