What are we bringing to you?

                       Anna                    Ian               Lizzy         Dan D.        Dan S.     Hannah      Kathy            Dave

To begin, a word of introduction: We are the Stewart family. Once upon a time Dave and Kathy moved their dairy farm to Howard, New York where they raised four crazy kids.

Anna is the oldest and lives on the farm, raising dairy goats for our famous ice-cream and cheese! 

Dan, next in line, is married to Hannah and lives a mile down the road, growing spray-free vegetables and fruits and making delicious maple syrup.

Lizzy is married to Dan Dellinger and lives in South Carolina.

Ian lives and works on the farm while also going to school to become a diesel mechanic.

We have had wonderful opportunities over the years to use the resources available on our family dairy farm to be creative and provide for ourselves. As we have learned and grown we are now sharing more of what we have made with others. We offer all home-made products created from resources right off of our farm. 

Collecting sap via ox-wagon