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A Different Kind of CSA

We offer "CSA membership cards" which are basically a pre-paid card which can be used at the farmer's market and at our store. We will scan the card at each purchase just like a credit card. The card will be good for any items that we are selling which will include: limited produce, Ice cream, cheeses, milk, baked goods, meat, maple syrup, and more!  It will be up to the card holder to decide when and where they would go to shop and what they will purchase at that location. 


This helps us by eliminating some logistical challenges in trying to organize shares for a large number of people and also allows us to offer a much wider array of products. The benefit for you, the card-holder, is that you have complete freedom to choose your weekly goods. As a card-holder you also get discounts on all purchases made with your card, giving you savings of up to 20%.


Due to the possibility of selling out of certain items at markets by the time some members are be able to get to the market we will allow pre-ordering on some products so that we can hold them back. Which products we can do this for would depend on the availability of that product by week.


Share Options:


Single: $250 

This would cover an individual or a small family. You receive a 15% discount with this membership, meaning you can purchase up to $295 worth of goods.


Small Family: $500

This would cover the needs of a small family. You receive an 18% discount with this level membership, meaning you have $610 worth of purchasing power.


Large Family: $1,000

This level membership is for a large family or a smaller family looking to meet a larger percentage of their food needs. This level membership gives you a 20% discount on all goods meaning you can purchase up to $1,250 worth of goods.


It is worth noting that if you spend all of the money on your card you can refill it at any time. 

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