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Our Products

Creamline Cow's Milk

     Our cow's milk comes from our girls right across the street! They are free from rBST and have access to the outdoors during pasture season. We bottle our milk right here in the creamery after vat pasteurization. What sets our milk apart from what you buy in the store, apart from it's freshness, is that we don't homogenize the milk. This means the cream naturally rises to the top, forming a thick layer of creamy goodness. You can skim this off and use in your coffee or you can give your jug a good shake and mix it back in. We are committed to offering you milk that is wholesome and minimally processed


Fresh Chevre

     Our chevre is made fresh right here on the farm from fresh goat milk. Chevre is a soft creamy goat cheese, similar in texture to cream cheese. While chevre is often used as a tasty topper for crackers, don't be misled into believing chevre is only for afternoon snacking! Chevre is delicious no matter the time of day. Whether spread on toast or mixed in eggs for breakfast, tossed in salad at midday or stirred into a pasta dish for dinner, our chevre adds a little something to any meal! We currently offer four flavors: Dill, Garlic and Chive, Tomato and Basil and Plain. Not sure which one to bring home? we'll be happy to offer you a sample.


Maple Products


Goat's Milk


Goat's Milk

     While cow's milk has been standard fare in our western diets for generations, goat's milk is quickly catching up and for good reason! Many people that are intolerant to cow's milk can drink goat milk as it contains significantly less A1 casein, different proteins and fats and it is lower in lactose. We milk our goats seasonally, giving them (and Anna!) a wee vacation over the winter months. In spring ,however, the kids start arriving and things get pretty busy around here! Be sure to swing by between March and November to pick up a quart or half gallon of delicious goat milk. Our goats live a mere hundred yards from where we bottle and sell the milk, so you can even wave to them as you pull in the driveway!

Goat's Milk 
Ice Cream

     Our ice cream is worth screaming about! Not only is our ice cream made with goat's milk, allowing those with mild lactose intolerances to imbibe, we also make all our ice cream from scratch right here in our creamery. Not satisfied with the typical vanilla and chocolate, we decided to do some experimenting which resulted in a variety of unique gourmet flavors. With ingredients sourced locally, our flavors change with the seasons. While our maple ice cream, made from maple trees right here on the farm, is a fan favorite, we like to switch things up from week to week! From fresh Rhubarb Orange in the spring to Strawberry and Garden Mint in the heat of summer, to our fall Pumpkin Spice and Christmas-time Gingerbread, our ice cream is never boring. We know trying new things can be a bit intimidating, so we try to keep classic flavors like chocolate and vanilla on tap along with our seasonal flavors. Stop in for something familiar or try something new!


Wool Products

    Kathy has always loved sheep. In college, she even brought one home in the backseat of her car. Her herd is a bit too big to fit in the car now, but that doesn't stop them from following her around where ever she goes! Miss Piddles has even been known to burst into the house uninvited! Our sheep not only serve as a constant source of amusement, they also provide us with loads of warm wool. We shear their winter coats in the spring so they can enjoy the summer without sweltering. Their winter coats then get cleaned, carded and turned into yarn, felted dryer balls and an assortment of hats headbands and mittens. If we don't have what you are looking for in stock, let us know and we can make it just for you!

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