Community Supported Agriculture





A CSA is an agricultural system in which a farmer is supported directly by his or her consumers. One of the first recorded CSA models was in Japan where the word for this system, "teikei" (提携), means literally "cooperation" but has come to be associated with the phrase "food with the farmers face on it." This is a great word picture for the relationship between the people eating the food and the people growing the food. It means that the consumer's food is not just food but a personal connection to others and to the land on which they live. This is a connection which we hope to develop with others in our community.


How it works


In a typical CSA, a farmer sells a certain number of shares of his produce or other goods each year, which are paid for by shareholders either monthly or seasonally. There are risks for members each year due to weather or pests that are out of the farmer's control. This means that there is potential for crop failure, or for blessings of abundance depending on the year. As produce is harvested throughout the growing season it is divided up amongst the community of shareholders. Produce is picked up or delivered once per week, with each delivery covering the needs for fresh fruits and veggies for that week. Visits to the produce section of supermarkets rarely (if ever) need to happen during the growing season.


What we are doing


Our CSA structure is changing up a bit this year to accommodate our changing product offerings. We will be offering shares through CSA "membership cards:" prepaid cards that can be used like a credit card at our multiple market locations for all of our products. We offer produce, beef, lamb, goat, cheese, milk, sourdough bread, and more! By buying a membership card you get great savings on everything.


You can learn more about how to be part of our CSA here.