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Ships on the open sea

I stirred in my sleep, troubled by something in my surroundings. As I slowly become more aware I could hear the flapping of canvas in the wind and the creak of wooden timbers. Before I could become fully awake we were overtaken by a massive billow out of the south, attacking us with all the fury of a freight train and I thought for sure we would sink to our deaths on the high seas. I realized moments later that the nearest tempest on the sea couldn’t be closer than five or six hundred miles away and that Hannah and I were in our bed at home, albeit a shaken and wind blasted home. Hannah and I live in a yurt, which if you are unfamiliar with Mongolian culture is a round hut. Traditionally the

Dan gets his head stuffed through a rubber gasket

The show started off wth Ian stepping confidently out onto the sheet of puddled plastic on the ground before us. Before he could blink an eye his feet shot away from beneath him and set him right down in a puddle. I gave a pretty good laugh. Brothers are there to laugh first and then check welfare second. We also get to say we knew better when we go second even though we know we would have done the exact same thing if we had gone first. So, I walked out gingerly onto the plastic and told myself I knew better than to stomp around on wet plastic. The plastic covered a recently re-worked spring which supplies my Aunt's house with water. The project left a non-functioning water system and our go

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