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Getting the Beef

I got a phone call on Friday: "Your beef is done." I let the employee from Sylvester Quality Meats know that we would be down as soon as we could to pick it up. The process had begun months earlier, first noting the decreasing amount of steaks and hamburger in the store freezers. We made the decision that it was time to call the butcher and set up an appointment for the next steer. I called to make the appointment in late October. Fall is always the busiest time of year for a butchershop as they will have plenty of deer to process. The next available date for processing a steer was January 4th. I took it and marked the calendar. Our beef comes from dairy or dairy cross steers. They are easy

Blackberry Pruning

A week of mild weather in January had me outside, wanting to get things done. One day it was cleaning out our old shop. The next day, I decided it was time to tackle the blackberry bushes. The blackberries grow wild in the space between two hayfields, or cornfields, depending on the year. Most wild blackberries, I have found, are small and sour. These ones are surprisingly large and juicy. Their canes, too, are much larger, stretching far over my head. I sometimes wonder if maybe someone planted them, long ago, before they had thornless blackberries with fruits the size of my thumb. In the summer, the patch grows thick with brambles, grass, and goldenrod. I have to stomp my way through, stre

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