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Event Prep

As I write this, I am looking at heading out to the Taste FLXpo this afternoon at Corning Community College. There is a good deal of preparation for an outside event like that. Besides simply selling products, it's a chance to promote the business to new people. Last Saturday we had an ice cream event here at the store. "We need to make sure we have a lot of ice cream packaged up at the end of the day," I told my mom. I wanted to give out ice cream samples at the Xpo, hopefully resulting in a lot of ice cream sales. In preparation, Mum made more ice cream than she thought we would sell on Saturday. There was also our need for new business cards. The old cards didn't list dairy products among

Snow Day

The past year or so I have felt a bit like a nomad. Most of the time I live on the home farm with my parents, just a short walk from the creamery and the goat barn. Even in bad weather, it's easy to get to work! The rest of the time I stay at my aunt's, watching her dogs while she is away. It's only a mile away, and some of our animals live in the barn there. The yearling goats waiting for their first babies and last spring's kids are there, as well as my old horse, the heifers who grazed on pasture there last summer, the beef steers, and a few Highland cows. Staying down there is a good way to check everyone over more than once a day. I can check hay, water, and that everyone is in the fenc

Calf Care

Last Monday, my mom enlisted me to help with some calf maintenance duties. While the everyday feeding of the calves can easily be done by one person, the "extra" stuff goes smoother and is easier with two people. The first job was tagging. Each calf gets two ear tags. The first is a metal tag with a number unique to that calf. No other cow in the United States has that number. That is her official identification. We use the final three or four numbers to identify her withing our computer system. The second tag is a large, yellow plastic one. On this tag we write the calf's name and birthdate on the front. On the back we write the last four digits of her ID number. While the cows are official

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