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Barn Cleaning

My goats have a bedded pack in their barn. That means instead of cleaning the barn daily or weekly, each day I throw down fresh bedding on top of the manure that has accumulated. This provides a clean spot for the goats to sit, and the buried manure generates heat. A few times a year, I clean everything out and add it to the compost piles. At this point, the bedded pack in the goat barn has become quite deep. This is a problem as I look ahead to kidding season beginning in a few weeks. I can't open the door from the goat area into the milking parlor. I also can't open the door from the goat area into the maternity pen. I consulted my weather app and weighed my options. This job needed to be

Sugar Season

Monday morning began clear and frosty. The rising sun quickly warmed the air, pushing temperatures above 30, then 40 degrees. Classic maple syrup weather. Daniel was down a few times in the morning, collecting empty syrup jars and other sugar making supplies that had been stored in the attic of the store. I finished my morning chores and decided I was not ready to go back in the house. Instead, I decided to prune the apple trees in the yard. There is a sense of satisfaction that goes with clipping off twigs and branches that don't belong. I was pleased with how the trees looked when I was finished, and I gathered all the discarded sticks and took them to the brush pile. After lunch, Mum and

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